Brockett Horne



This series of risograph prints organized by Risolve brings together 19 artists from a city, each contributing to a shared grid that raises funds for those most affected by the pandemic. My design for the Baltimore grid expresses the longing to emerge from the zoom screen. 

︎ illustration

Curated by Rebecca Bradley and Sandra Maxa with collaborators: Erica Argilan / Hana Azim / Rebecca Bradley / Jessica Brown / Jiaping Chen / Hayelin Choi / Matt Coles / Chelsea Conrad / Carmen D’Anna / Mai Ly Degnan / McKinley Gillespie / Zoe Lin / Danielle Ting Yu Lo / Mansur Makhmudov / Jon Marchione / Sandra Maxa / Whitney Sherman / Tianqiao (Emily) Xing

and raising funds for The Black Mental Health Alliance

Thanks, for the service. Typefaces: Newsreader, Courier, and  Nitti Grotesk.