Brockett Horne

Creative Direction

Monument Quilt

I created a graphic scheme for a vast public monument for those who experienced gender-based violence. The project has travelled all over the country, was recipient of the Baker Artist Award, featured by CNN and The Library of Congress. I created a logo system, various posters, bus wraps, billboard signage, hand-lettered quilts, and web assets, collaborating with organizers Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle of force! upsetting rape culture; designers Kacie Mills and Julianne Hamilton; and hundreds of volunteers.

Over 3,000 stories expressed in quilts were exhibited on the National Mall in 2019. I created a system of bilingual designs for the exhibition. See the contributions here:

︎ visual identity
︎ information graphics
︎ exhibition design

︎ activism

Thanks, for the service. Typefaces: Newsreader, Courier, and  Nitti Grotesk.