Brockett Horne

Visual Identity


With a collaborative team of doctors and engineers from Johns Hopkins University and artist Jenna Frye, I created a visual identity system for a bio-inspired ventilator splitter. Our hope was to engage 3D printing as a response to the COVID19 pandemic by increasing ventilator capacity. The system included logos, color, type and assets; information graphics (only one here), and website. 

︎ visual identity
︎ information visualization

︎ web design

H.Xun; C.Shallal; J.Unger; R.Tao; A.Torres; M.Vladimirov; J.Frye; M.Singhala; B.Horne; P.Yesantharao; B.Kim; B.Burke; M.Montana; M.Talcott; B.Winters; M.Frisella; B.Kushner; J.Sacks; J.Guest; S.Kang; J.Caffrey, Vent-Lock: A 3D Printed Ventilator Multiplexer to Enhance the Capacity of Treating Patients with COVID-19; medRxiv 2020.09.16.20195230; doi:

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